thanks for being here.

I'm Sarah. I was born and raised in Florida which makes me a true Floridian. Some of you might say 'duh' but I can't even tell you how many times I've heard "I haven't met many people who can say that!" 

Anyway, on to the real stuff. My current status: living in Jacksonville, Florida with my Navy Corpsman and better half, Stephen. I recently made the 'move for love' as they say, and consider it my biggest and best risk to date. (Even bigger then the fact that I also started my own business at the same time!) After a hard deployment and 2 years of long-distance, in 2016 we felt it was the right time to leave my home in Tampa to navigate the world of love and running my own business. Let me tell ya, it has been quite the ride. Although it's hardly rainbows and sunshine like my social media depicts, we've grown in incredible ways, have changed our mind on our 'life paths' daily and have taken the most incredible bucket list adventures. I'm so pumped to say that this journey is just beginning. 

As we navigate life in the Navy, moving wherever it takes us, I want under the sun to be a place to share our adventures, the real stuff that gets missed through those little social media squares and a place to inspire YOU to take risks, expect the unexpected and dream. Below you'll see my current motto and it serves as my daily reminder that as tough as work and life may get some times, we are living by incredible wonders, serving others the best we can with what we have. And that's a pretty cool thing. If you want to chat more, I'm basically an open book! Feel free to email me here or message me on social. Stick around and let's get to know each other.

Life by the
sun, the sea and a sailor.